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MW English Services Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to​ (MW English Services, MWES)

The terms and conditions of services on this page explain the agreement between MWES and you, the user of MWES’s services.

You automatically agree to fully accept MWES terms and conditions by visiting our website and purchasing services from MWES.

  1. Lesson Schedule

  2. Modification of Lesson Type

  3. Delays

  4. Rescheduling

  5. Cancellation

  6. Technical Issues

Lesson schedule


Students can choose the time and day for their lessons within the availability offered on our website. Students are responsible for checking their scheduled classes. Students can select their time zone at the time of booking

Modification of lesson type


Students can decide to modify the type of lesson scheduled; however, 10% of the payment will be retained to cover administrative costs.


Students must make the modification request 72 hours before the scheduled class.




Student’s delay: The student must notify the teacher as soon as possible. The student will be entitled to the remaining lesson time. 


If the student has not contacted the teacher within 15 minutes after the lesson's start time, it will be assumed the student will not attend the session. The student will have forfeited the lesson and the teacher will receive the full fee.


Teacher’s delay: The teacher will notify the student about the delay as soon as possible and offer to cover the lesson’s missing time, according to the availability.




Students can reschedule their lessons through the scheduling system or link in the confirmation email. Each student is responsible for scheduling and/or rescheduling their classes.

Students can reschedule the class up to 24 hours before the beginning of the lesson; otherwise, the request will not be entertained, regardless of the reason for the reschedule.


Each lesson can be rescheduled once. The system will not allow a second reschedule of the same appointment.




Cancellation by the student: The student who no longer wants to continue with the service must submit a request for a refund. We will retain 10% of the total amount of the remaining lessons to cover administrative costs.


The cancellation request must be submitted at least 72 hours before the scheduled class and no more than 21 days after the payment for which the refund is requested, otherwise the request will not be granted, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.


Cancellation by the teacher: If the teacher cannot complete the scheduled lessons, the student can reschedule the lessons.

If the teacher is unable to continue with the lessons, the student will receive a full refund for the remaining classes.


Technical issues


At MW English Services, we provide online classes through reliable online communication tools for connectivity and security.


MWES assumes no responsibility if a student misses their scheduled class due to an issue at their end. If there is an issue at our end, the student will be offered to reschedule the class.


MWES reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. If any changes are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on this website immediately.


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