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MW English Services Common Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find the answers to the most common questions below

  • Do online lessons really work?
    When you learn English in a school, you have to share the teacher's attention with other students, and learn from a fixed curriculum that does not take into account what matters to you. When you have individual lessons online, you have the teacher’s undivided attention and a curriculum designed to meet your needs.
  • Do I need to have studied English at a language school before taking online lessons?
    You don't need to have any 'formal' learning experience to learn English online. Online lessons are ideal even if you study English alone, or would like to improve your conversation and pronunciation with a native teacher.
  • What are the requirements for online classes?
    You need a computer and a good Internet connection, a quiet place for better concentration, and if possible, a cable connection instead of wifi.
  • How do I schedule my first class?
    Very easy! Click on I want to learn English and schedule your trial lesson.
  • Do you offer special lessons for professional areas? For for example, English for lawyers, doctors, secretaries, etc."
    During your trial lesson - we can talk about the possibility of a VIP lesson. Availability will depend on your area of expertise, level of difficulty, and your level of English. These lessons will have a different value from the lessons currently offered.
  • Do I need to already have some knowledge of English for online classes?
    The lessons are 100% in English for a real immersion in the language. You must have at least a basic level A1 - A2. If in doubt, you can take the free Cambridge English level test to find out your level before confirming your booking. During your trial lesson, I will assess your level of conversational skills.
  • How does the lesson take place?
    The lessons can take place via Skype, Google Meets or another online application available to both you and the teacher.
  • How many lessons can I schedule per week?
    Depending on the availability, you can schedule as many lessons as you like and as often as you want, with no monthly or registration fee.
  • How is the first lesson?
    During your trial lesson, we will start by introducing ourselves and I will assess your level of conversation. I’ll introduce you to the method, and we’ll decide together what is the best study plan for you.
  • Will I receive a certificate of hours studied?
    When you decide that you will no longer need lessons, you can send me an email requesting a certificate of hours studied.
  • How is the teaching material?
    I use internationally recognised newspapers like The Guardian, The Independent, and videos like TED Talks, among others, as authentic material. Through the use of authentic material you learn ‘real’ English without being stuck in the vocabulary or situations portrayed in textbooks. The classes are personalised for you taking into account your objectives and difficulties.
  • Why can't I find the time I want available?
    The lessons are very popular and the time-slots sell quickly. If the time you are looking for does not appear on the schedule, it is possibly because another student has already scheduled it. I recommend scheduling classes in advance, especially if you prefer to study weekly at the same time.
  • What types of clients have you worked with?
    Professionals from a variety of areas and nationalities who seek better communication in English, whether it is for work or personal life.
  • Do you teach children?
    No. The minimum age to apply for lessons is 16 years old.
  • How do I create my scheduling account?
    After scheduling your first class on the confirmation page, click on Register for an Account and create a password. Through your scheduling account, you will be able to schedule or reschedule your lessons.
  • How long will it take me to become fluent in English?
    There are several levels of fluency. If you are able to have an English conversation, can communicate in writing, and understand much of what you read and hear, you are already fluent. Proficiency is the ability to communicate like a native. The time it will take you to achieve fluency or proficiency depends on your dedication. Remember to keep a measurable and attainable goal in mind.
  • What is the rescheduling policy?
    You will be able to reschedule your lesson up to 24 hours before it starts. You can only reschedule your lessons through your student account or the confirmation email.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    The cancellation request must be submitted at least 72 hours before the scheduled class and no more than 21 days after the payment for which the refund is requested, otherwise the request will not be granted, regardless of the reason for the cancellation.
  • What are the terms and conditions of service?
    Click here to read the terms and conditions for the lessons.

If your question has not been answered,

please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mark is a very good teacher. I took his classes because I needed to prepare for the IELTS. He worked on my weakness and taught me useful ways to approach the exam. This helped me to gain confidence. He did it in a personalised way which was important to me, because I didn't have much time to study. In the end, I got the results I was looking for!

Leandro Ramos de Castro

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